Name:  Kelly

Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Why did you become a brand ambassador for Lyla's Crop Tops:

I became an ambassador for Lyla’s Crop Tops because I love that everything is made in America, and made by some wonderful ladies. I have grown up in Las Vegas my whole life which in the second biggest desert in the world, the Mojave Desert 🏜. It reaches over one hundred degrees on a regular basis here all summer! 

What is your favorite Crop Top and why?

I love a few different styles. I love the fitted short sleeve tops because I just love the tomboy look it gives me, and they keep my shoulders from getting sunburnt. The loose boxy tanks keep me cool and looking cute when I go downtown here in Las Vegas and party! However, the crop hoodies are going to be perfect for our deserts freezing winters, at least, freezing to me. 

Is there anything else we should know about you? 

My name is Kelly and I am born and raised in Las Vegas. I work in the food service industry full-time.  My sister also has modeled for Lyla's Crop Tops, and my boyfriend, Jerome Baker, takes all of my pictures for Lyla's Crop Tops.  I am also involved in the  newly legal marijuana industry in Nevada; it has helped me with the pains from working in a cooler all day.  My dream is to travel the world, and see and experience new cultures. 

Are you available for other modeling jobs?

Yes, you can find me on:

Instagram: @coughingkelly