About Us

Lyla's Crop Top Boutique: Celebrating the Beauty of the Human Body

And a Women's Independence to Be Herself.

One of our brand ambassadors lounging in her Stop Staring Crop Top.

We opened based on two basic and fundamental principles: A woman should be allowed to dress in whatever way makes her look and feel beautiful inside and outside, whoever she is and wherever she is.  Period.  We believe that each woman looking and dressing her best is expressing her femininity and independence.  If your style of dress provokes, offends or bothers someone, that is more a reflection on the attitude of that person than on your right to dress however you please.

We also believe that the human body should be celebrated instead of hidden. Our crop tops don't pretend to be or do anything else.  They are short, and will definitely show your stomach.  However, they allow the woman who dares to be comfortable in her own skin and love her own body to show her beauty to the world with the self-confidence that all women deserve to have.

Our crop tops are high-quality and comfortable, and can be used in many different ways. Many of our tops can be used for exercising, casual days, or dressing up.  Our tops allow you to dress comfortably and look stunning no matter how much or little time you want to spend getting ready for your day. 

Locally Sourced, Humane Production and a Living Wage

We also believe that with a woman's inherent right of self-expression and freedom comes the responsibility to make purchases that empower all women and all humans to realize their own rights and goals by supporting a living wage, humane working conditions, and a better world.  You can find tops with a similar appearance to ours for less; however, these tops are often made in poor working conditions with pay as low as $2 per day.  The hidden costs that are not seen in low-price apparel are the worker oppression and low wages that often is part of garment production.  We prefer to pay our garment workers a just price and provide fair conditions, even if that raises our prices a little.  You are paying what it truly costs to sew a crop top instead of passing on hidden costs to workers overseas.

We believe in a sustainable business model.  None of our tops are made in a sweatshop.  Our designer and producer provides humane and enjoyable working conditions.  All of our production process uses local businesses in the San Diego  area within 10 miles.

Our Models and Brand Ambassadors:

We find our models and brand reps from our customers and social media fans, and our models and employees fully embrace our products.  Our models own most of our tops, and wear them almost daily when the weather permits (and sometimes even when it doesn't). 

At this time, our business is small.  As we grow, we will offer a larger selection of our products, and more variations.  We believe in our business model and principles, and welcome all ideas from our clients.  Feel free to drop us an email on a product idea that you have.  Thank you for choosing to shop with us.

Lyla's Crop Top Boutique