General and Clothing Questions

Who are you?

We are a small online store that specializes in and only sells Made in USA crop tops and low rise bottoms.  We now have almost 300 different styles of crop tops and low rise leggings.  More bottoms are coming very soon.  You can learn more about us and our full story in our About Us section.

How long have you been around?

We are pretty new.  We started selling in 2013 as Sirenaz By Lyla (a spelling variation of the Spanish word for Mermaid), and officially became Lyla's Crop Tops in 2018. 

Why crop tops?

Crop tops are versatile, body positive, and honestly one of the most comfortable shirts out there.  In our opinion, there is no other shirt that allows for the freedom of movement that a crop top does.  We have always loved and worn them, and started to make them when very few places were making them.  You can learn more about why chose crop tops in our About Us section.

Why haven't I heard of Lyla's Crop Tops?

Welcome! We're glad that you have found us and are here now, and will do everything we can to keep you as a customer for life.  We are very small company, and do not yet have access to the at least $1000  a month that the large corporations pay for in advertising for top placement.  

Where are your crop tops and low rise bottoms made?

All of our clothing is made in the USA.  

Do you offer discounts?

We offer  a 10% discount off your first 8 orders ( 8 is the owner's favorite number, and also symbolizes infinity, which is how long we hope to have you as a customer.  We offer a 10% discount of each photo you send us or tag us in on Instagram using the hashtag Lyla's Crop Tops .We also offer very large discounts (and sometimes free crop tops). for brand ambassadors (see more in our Brand Ambassador Section of our FAQ.

How do I find you on social media?

We are on Facebook and Instagram.  Our links are below .  Follow us and like us, and be sure to turn on notifications for our posts so Instagram and Facebook actually let you see our posts.



Specific Crop Top Questions

I've never worn a crop top but I want to.  Why should I start?

Crop tops are extremely comfortable.  The freedom of movement is completely different from a regular shirt.  Once you find that you are mentally comfortable with knowing that your belly and belly button are bared, you find a new level of physical comfort.  You will feel cool and able to move around.  In our opinion, they even feel less restrictive under a jacket when it gets cold.  We also have found that crop tops can help build self-confidence.  We are very body positive, and believe that bodies should be embraced and not hidden.  We have had customers never wore crop tops before but now wear them on a regular basis.  Here is a link to an article published about in 2016 in Romper about a woman's experience when she tried wearing crop tops for a week after not wearing them often.   While she was not a customer of ours, her experience is similar to many of our customers (the link will leave our site).

Do I have to be a certain body type to wear a crop top?

Of course not.  All women have the right to wear whatever they want regardless of size, shape belly button type, having or not having children, or any other reason.  No one should tell you otherwise.  

Will you ever make crop tops for men?

We do not make them yet, although we are considering making short sleeve crop tops similar to the style that was common in the 1980's in the future.  We are focused on ramping up our styles of low rise bottoms first.  However, we do have several male customers who have been able to fit the sizes we offer.

Specific Low Rise Bottoms Questions

What made you decide to make low rise bottoms?

Many of our original fashion inspirations came from the late 1990's and early 2000's when they were popular.  Some of our fashion icons include Aliyah, Ciara, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.  Now, they are almost impossible to find for people who still like them.  We decide to expand and make our own.

Why low rise?

1. Because no one else makes them, while low and high rise are already common elsewhere.

2. We find low rise much more comfortable and cool, especially with crop tops.  High bottoms can be restrictive, and often feel like they take away from the breathability of a crop top.  Having the belly button in the center feels cooler, especially for exercising.  It also gives an edgy body positive look that has almost disappeared.  

3. We are body positive.  Nothing says confidence and body positivity like low rise jeans combined with crop tops.

Don't I have to be a certain body type to wear low rise bottoms?  

Of course not.  Just like crop tops, all women have the right to wear whatever they want.  Physical comfort and cute styles are not exclusive to only some women; all people have that right, regardless of size, shape, age, belly button type, having or not having children, or any other reason. No one should tell you otherwise.   


What sizes do you offer and how much variety is there?

At the moment we only offer small, medium, and large.  We do not offer more at this time because we are a very small business, and make all of our tops ourselves.  We do not currently have the capacity to make many additional sizes, so we only make the best sellers.  We adjusted our smalls so they will fit most XS, and will start to make XL next once there is enough demand for it.

Do you have a size chart?

Yes, it is listed in each description of our products. Lots of our sizes run a little small, especially on our form-fitting crop tops.  Keep in mind the measurements are approximate and there may be a slight deviance.  Our sizes tend to run small, especially on our form-fitting tops.

How can I know what fabrics you use?

We list the fabrics in every product description below the size chart. 


How much is shipping?

We offer free USPS First Class shipping for all US orders or orders to US territories.  We also offer shipping upgrades if you need your order faster.  International shipping prices vary on the time and location that you choose. 

Please visit our shipping page for a complete list of times and costs for all of our options. 

 How fast do you ship and how long does shipping take?

We ship the same or next business day after your payment clears.  The shipping time depends on your selection. US shipping usually takes 2-7 business days depending on you location's proximity to Imperial Beach, CA.  Please visit our shipping page for a complete list of times and costs for all of our options. 


Do you ship internationally?

We ship to over 50 countries.  Please visit our shipping page for a full list of the countries where we ship.

Why don't you ship to all countries?

We only ship to countries that have shown to have a reliable method of delivery.  Our goal is customer satisfaction; we would rather not ship to a country than risk an unhappy customer because their package is lost or seized at customs for a reason that neither of us are responsible for.  We are always looking to add more countries when we find a shipping partner.

Do you provide tracking information?

We provide a tracking number for all orders.

Returns and Exchanges

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?

We offer refunds or exchanges for any reason.  You must send the top back to us in the condition that we sent it.  You can find a detailed explanation in our Returns Policy.

Can I do an exchange if a size doesn't fit me?

Of course!  You can even exchange tops if you would like a different one.  Keep in mind that if the top you choose is more expensive, you may be charged only the difference (although you will also be refunded the difference if the replacement top costs less). 

Brand Ambassador Questions

What are some of the perks of becoming a brand ambassador?

We have 2 different types.  One is our entry level.  This includes a 50 percent discount on all merchandise (no limits to style) and a personalized discount code that allows you to earn commission.  Our Platinum level ambassadors receive almost unlimited crop tops for free, but have a much more extensive instructions and requirements for pictures.  Click on the links below to learn the full description.

Entry Level Brand Ambassador

Platinum Level Brand Ambassador

What do I have to do to become a brand ambassador?

Apply.  We give preference to our customers for entry level ambassadors, and preference to our entry level brand ambassadors for our platinum level ambassadors. 

How will know which level you are looking for?

Whichever post is available under our Brand Ambassador Opportunities page is the level that we are looking for.  If we think you may be a fit to work with us we may contact you.

How much will I have to do?

The Entry Level Ambassador has very little requirements. The Platinum Level Ambassador has more extensive requirements.  We try to require the amount of shoots that you say you are capable of in our application.

What are some of the details that you pay attention to?

You are reliable an hard-working.  You are following us on social media, and interact with our brand frequently.  You are quick to respond to questions, and are personable and relatable to our customers.  A large social media following is not required, although we definitely don't mind it.


Additional Questions

Do you have additional questions that we didn't answer here?  Please get in touch with us.