Name:  Jessica

Location:  Antioch, Illinois

Why did you become a brand ambassador for Lyla's Crop Tops:

I had always aspired to be a model when I was growing up,  but had never had the courage to take a step in that direction until I was offered the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Lyla's Crop Tops.

What is your favorite Crop Top and why?

My favorite crop top right now is the Sirenaz Black Choker Crop Top. It fits the body beautifully with the choker and it can easily be dressed up or dressed down for whatever the occasion may be.

Is there anything else we should know about you? 

In addition to modeling, filming and art are my greatest passions in life. My passions make it possible for me to express myself and let my soul shine through.

Are you available for other modeling jobs?

Yes, I am available for other modeling jobs.  My social media pages are: