Name:  Fawn  (Doe Eyed Fawn)

Location:  Gilbert, Arizona

Why did you become a brand ambassador for Lyla's Crop Tops:

I became an ambassador because I love the company. They empower women (and men!) to wear what makes them comfortable. All of the styles are cute, sexy, and fun!

What is your favorite Crop Top and why?

I love the loose boxy short sleeve crop tops. They are so versatile and comfortable. I can sleep in them, do a workout, run errands, etc and always look cute. 

Is there anything else we should know about you? 

When I'm not modeling, I am such a homebody. I play video games, watch anime, read manga, and play with my dogs. 

Are you available for other modeling jobs?

Yes, you can find me on:

Instagram: @doe_eyed_fawn 

Facebook: @doeeyedfawn