Custom Design Terms and Conditions


  1. You understand that all custom prints are non-refundable, and that no warranty, implied or otherwise, exists for any custom printing.


  1. You warrant that you own the copyright to all artwork and photos that you have submitted and/or have acquired, have been assigned, or otherwise possess the right, license, and/or authorization to use and/or display any such artwork and photos.  You further warrant that you are legally permitted and authorized to grant to Lyla's Crop Tops the licenses and permissions set forth in this Agreement as to any such uploaded photo(s) and any individual(s) displayed in such photo(s). You furthermore warrant that you are the parent or legal guardian or have obtained permission from the parent or legal guardian of any minors identifiable in the photograph.


  1. You grant permission and license to Lyla's Crop Tops to reproduce any artwork and photos submitted by you without any cost to Lyla's Crop Tops or compensation paid to you by Lyla's Crop Tops or any other party.  You acknowledge that Lyla's Crop Tops may display artwork or photos for marketing or communication purposes on any media owned, controlled, or created by Lyla's Crop Tops or at Lyla's Crop Tops, including but not limited to any social media site..   You grant to Lyla's Crop Tops permission and license to modify and/or alter any artwork as Lyla's Crop Tops deems necessary and appropriate, at its sole discretion, and to display any such photo(s) as modified and/or altered by Lyla's Crop Tops. Modification and/or alteration could include, but is not limited to, cropping, resizing, and retouching.  You waive the right to view or otherwise inspect and/or approve any version of any photo(s) uploaded prior to the display of any such photo(s).  The permissions granted in this paragraph are non-exclusive and non-transferable, but are unrestricted, unconditional, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, and perpetual.  Further, you warrant that you have acquired, have been assigned, or otherwise possess the right, permission, and authority to grant to Lyla's Crop Tops permission and license to use and display and reproduce all artwork and photos of any and all other individuals displayed in any such artwork/photos(s on behalf of such individual(s) and you grant such permission and license to Lyla's Crop Tops on behalf of any and all such individuals.  You further warrant that any such photo(s) does not depict subject matter that violates any laws or individual rights, or that the uploading of such photo(s) is not done with intent to harass, threaten, embarrass, or cause distress, unwanted attention, or discomfort to any individual or entity.
  1. By uploading any photo(s) for possible display by Lyla's Crop Tops, you waive any and all claims against the Lyla's Crop Tops, and any current, former, of future employee or agent of Lyla's Crop Tops related to the upload, display, retention, and/or disposal of any uploaded artwork and photos, including, but not limited to, claims related to the loss or destruction of any artwork and photos, or for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation, or unlawful appropriation of any individual’s image or likeness.