Brand Ambassador and Model Opportunities

Lyla’s Crop Tops is accepting affiliate model/brand ambassador applications. We are a California-based brand that sells over 200 different crop tops. If you love crop tops and want an endless supply of them, this is the position for you.


  1. You love crop tops to the point that you would wear them every day. You also embrace a body positive image and embrace showing your stomach and belly button.
  2. You should also ideally love and feel comfortable with the style that is promoted by Lyla's Crop Tops. As you have probably noticed, we are take all of our product shoots in low-rise bottoms (low-rise is defined as at least 3 inches below the belly-button). We do this for several reasons:
  3. We have found that this more accurately reflects the length of the top; sometimes high-waisted bottoms make our crop tops look longer than they actually are.
  4. We have an edgy, body-positive versatile look that we believes sets apart from other mainstream apparel companies. We believe that all women should be proud of their bodies, and should feel free to wear what is comfortable and what makes them feel beautiful. You have access to a high-quality camera (A digital camera that is at least 16 megapixels). You will be required to take high-quality pictures of tops. We will send examples of what we expect if we decide to work together.
  5. You have a social media following, and enjoy taking pictures of yourself and showing off your style.
  6. You love our brand. This will require you to read up and check out our website (you will also need to do this so you can answer interview questions specific to our crop tops).
  7. You must be honest and reliableYou must take the pictures in a timely manner, and do what you commit to doing on the application.  We won't ask more of you than you commit to on our application.

Brand ambassador/model perks:

  1. You will receive free crop tops from our entire selection each month. Some will be tops that you choose, and others will ones that we need for product shoots. The crop tops you receive for photo shoots will be ones that no one else has yet; you will in all likelihood be the first person ever to wear them. The total amount of tops that you choose is negotiable depending on the number if product shoots you are willing and able to do. We will tag you and give you credit as our model for all product shoots that you send us both on our website and on our social media pages. We can also write a brand ambassador bio for you if you want on our web page.
  2. You will receive 15 percent commission from all purchases made by the customers you bring to us, forever. If a customer is still buying crop tops from us 10 years from now, you will still receive commission from that customer.

Model/brand rep Description:

  1. Model: You will do a professional-quality photo-shoot with a digital camera that is at least 16 megapixels. The shoot must use low-rise bottoms (it is the model’s choice what bottoms to use). The poses for the product pictures are very structured. We have example posts that we can send you to help you out. The photos must highlight the top that we send, and accurately reflect its color. You also need to smile. You are not required to wear the model top after the photo shoot (although we would love it if you did). We will do several test shoots that use our crop tops before the real thing, so don’t worry.
  2. Brand ambassador: In addition to your photo shoot, you will also take pictures in the brand rep tops you receive from us and tag us. These will be free form; we are looking for you to promote and display your individual style and show this off to other potential customers. You can wear whatever you want for the brand rep pictures.  We strongly prefer that you link to our website home page in at least your Instagram bio.
  3. You will also wear each top that you receive frequently, and promote it to your friends and followers.
  4. The tops you are taking are the ones that will be posted on the website for the tops we have for sale. Promptness is important for the modeling shoot; we prefer to the modeling tops to be shot within a week of receipt. So is following the format for pictures that we have on our website.
  5. You must agree to abide by our photo terms and conditions.

Interested in joining us and receiving lots of our crop tops?  Click here to take our short interview and become a brand ambassador and model

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you.

You can meet some of our brand ambassadors (and preview your future bio page) here.