Just so You Know Where We Stand (Hint: It's With the Protesters and Against Whoever Tries to Stop Them).

Just so You Know Where We Stand (Hint: It's With the Protesters and Against Whoever Tries to Stop Them).

We have been debating for days how  to say what we want to as a company, and we hope that our post represents everyone.  This is how we feel, and what we will do:

1. We actively stand with the protesters, and mourn the loss of the thousands who were murdered by the people who were supposed to keep them safe.  There is no equal justice, and what we are seeing is appalling and scary.  We don't see color.  What we see is our family.  We see our brand ambassadors and models.  We see our customers.  And we fear for their safety when they come into contact with with the police that are supposed to be using our tax dollars to protect us because they do see colors, and treat them differently.  Seriously?  Are we still only here?  

Whoever really thinks that there is no police brutality needs to watch the videos.  George Floyd was killed because a store clerk suspected him of using a counterfeit dollar bill.  He was taken out of a police car in handcuffs, thrown on the ground, and strangled for nine minutes while he was calling out for his mother while 3 other police stood around and glared at anyone who was witnessing what they were doing.

Or Breonna Taylor.  She was sleeping when police decided to use a battering ram to execute a search warrant in the middle of the night.  Her boyfriend, probably thinking that they were armed robbers, executed his Second Amendment Right that is supposedly for everyone and fired.  Police fired back and shot Breonna unarmed.   They later realized that they broke into the wrong address. 

Breonna  was an EMT.  She saved people's lives. Today would have been her 27th birthday.

2. We want and need to do more.  The murder of Gorge Floyd has brought other ugly truths to the fold.  The First Amendment is under siege.  We had a president who said to call in the army.  A reporter was hit by a federal police officer after she had identified herself as the press.  

There have been federal police with guns in Washington who refused to identify themselves.  We feel we need to wake up. 

What we will do: We are going to actively support the protestors and victims in any way possible.  We will be making merchandise that not only supports ending police brutality, but also opposes any threat to freedom and democracy, including those coming from our government.   We are also going to reach out to our family and communities for feedback on how and where to donate a portion of each sale.  To do anything else would be a disservice to our family, our customers, and our country.  Thank you for your continued support.  We will all come out stronger.

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