Cotton Spandex on All Form-Fitting Crop Tops

We are gradually making a switch to cotton spandex on all of our form-fitting crop tops.  We will continue to use rayon our looser-fitting and soft crop tops and cropped tank tops.


The change to cotton spandex will be gradual.  We will be running out inventory on our polyester spandex tops, and making the switch once each crop top style is sold out.

Which tops will be affected:

Our Sirenaz form-fitting long Sleeve Crop Tops, form-fitting short sleeve crop tops, spaghetti and lasagna cropped tank tops, and halter tops are some of our staples that we will make the change with. 

The plain long sleeve crop tops will be the first tops to be available in cotton spandex, and should be available within a week.  The form-fitting 49ers crop tops will also be available very soon.  The rest of the tops will be replenished when existing colors sell out.  Any new colors of existing tops will be introduced immediately in cotton spandex.

Why Are we making this change?


1. Cotton spandex is softer, cooler, and lighter weight than polyester spandex. 

2. Cotton is more environmentally friendly than polyester, and is a natural fabric.

3. Cotton spandex has been more popular among our customers than polyester spandex.  It is also more consistent.  In the past, we had trouble finding the exact same fabric in polyester spandex depending on the color of the top. Our cotton spandex is the same consistency in all colors.

Our first tops should be available within a week.  Some of our Essential Crop Tops are already available in cotton spandex.  We feel this change is consistent with the quality and values that our company aspires to, and we hope you will try out our new tops as they come available and keep giving us your wonderful feedback.

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