Mexico Shipping

Note: All Mexico options are routed through Dallas, TX.  The company that use for Mexico shipping is based there.  Do not be alarmed if your order is shown to be arriving to Dallas.  It will then be routed to your address in Mexico.

Shipping Option Weight (Pounds) Approximate Number of Items Shipping Price Estimated Arrival Time (Days)
Mexico Small Order .1 to .81 1 to 3 $6 7 to 14
Mexico Medium Order 0.81 to 2 3 to 8 $14 7 to 14
Mexico Large Order 2 to 8 8 to 30 $27 7 to 14

All arrival times are estimates; Sirenas By Lyla makes no guarantees to exact shipping times.  The buyer is also responsible for all taxes and duties.  Please check with your country before ordering; we will not offer refunds or returns for any customs issues or fees.